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Isle of Wight - Needles park - Chairlift - Pearl Shop

Start at 29-05-2022 , 7:30 AM
End at 29-05-2022 , 9:00 PM

  • £40
  • £40
  • £35 (Infant 0 - 3 Yrs)




We depart around 7:30AM from our pick up point in Wembley and travel a wonderful journey towards this ISLAND named ISLE OF WIGHT. It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break, at any time of the year. It is a stunning Island with fascinating attractions. It is approximately two and half hour route before we reach a surprising and extravagant pathway towards the island. We approach near Southampton from where we continue to travel in Ferry which is itself a wonderful experience. It is nearly 45 minutes of everlasting experience.


Once we reach the Island we will continue our journey to THE NEEDLES PARK. Here you will have two hours to explore yourselves with different attractions after buying the super saver tickets which is economical for everyone. There is alum bay glass factory where you will experience the live demonstration from skilled craftsmen. There is a sand shop where you will be filling a glass shape with layers of different coloured Alum Bay sand.


The main attraction of this journey is the CHAIRLIFT (not icluded) travel from the bay cliffs to the bay beach. The view from the top whilst travelling to the beach is truly marvellous and once in a lifetime experience, You will get a chance to get down from the chairlift and enjoy the ALUM BAY BEACH and take pictures and capture memories with your friends and family.  You can even walk up the cliff or just make a return journey on the chairlift and help yourselves for the lunch.



After the enjoyment in needles park we will head towards THE PEARL SHOP where you will see the stunning collection of pearls and designer pearl jewellery which will be very tempting for the women on journey.



Later we will depart for our journey towards London and once again you will experience the night view and fantastic arrangements in the Ferry. We aim to reach London by approximately 10:00PM








Adult - £40

Child - £40

Infant - £35 (0 - 3 yrs)


Price Includes

  • Complete Return Journey with coach/minibu & ferry.


Price Exclude

  • Any expense of personal nature.
  • Any expense for food or snacks during the day.
  • Tickets to attractions

*Please note that we are not responsible for any attractions closed by attraction authority*


Please note that departure and arrival time may vary depending on the ferry avaibility. Timing given in itinerary is to give you a rough idea on what to expect on the day.


ALL BOOKINGS TO BE CONFIRMED AT 07778 335 336 or 07404 070 070



***Face Coverings on Ferries***


From 15 June 2020 the UK government has made it mandatory to wear a face covering whilst travelling on public transport. This means passengers on board must all wear them inside passenger lounges and when moving about the interior, common areas. Passengers must also wear a face covering when embarking and disembarking.


Coverings are optional (but recommended) on outside decks, terminals and are not required inside the vehicle.


Face coverings will be available to purchase from inside the ferry for passengers who do not have their own. 


If you are already on board and refuse to wear a face covering after being kindly asked by a member of staff, staff on ferry will have to refer the matter to the police, and you could be subject to fines and other penalties.


Remarks (Additional)


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the departure time. 

If you have your own group of family and friends then we can arrange private tour for you whenever you want. We have very comfortable 8 seater and 16 seater vehicles for your journey. 

For more information please call Yatin on 07778 335 336.




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